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#UniPapuaSentani Yakonde Viilage, Waibu District Sentani

Uni Papua existing into village and rural area. Childrens Sentani Lake enjoy with football. Againts alcohol abuse and prevention HIV/AIDS, making social impact for their social life.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Uni Papua Sentani

Here is the daily activities in Uni Papua Sentani. Helem Foy

Anggaduber village in East Biak preparing for Kampung Bola

CAC visit to Anggaduber in East Biak. This village preparing for Kampung Bola Project. Each Family and children involve to know how take care a value of life to their childrens from HIV and alcohol abuse. The village rejection to all bad impact.

Coaches Across Continents 2nd Coaches Camp

CAC 2nd Programme in Biak, Sentani, Jayapura and Maybrat.
More than 200 coaches will impacting for 10.000 childrens. Brian and Kelly full commited to coach social issue by football simulation and technique.

Uni Papua Sentul Sekolah Anak Indonesia

Here is 1st coaching for SAI Student. Uni Papua work with SAI Sentul Bogor, West Java.
There is 125 Papuan students school here from junior until senior level. They are fanatic and antusiatic with football.


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